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Caseville Historical Museum

Historical Society of Caseville

Founded in 1993 The Historical Society of Caseville was an off shoot of the Caseville Kiwanis. For a few years starting in 2000 the museum was located in the Independent Bank. In 2002 The Maccabees hall was donated to the society as a home for the future museum. After undergoing a major renovation the doors to the museum were opened in 2008. The society holds a monthly meeting the third Thursday of each month. Many annual events are held including a Harvest Fall Dinner, Ladies Luncheon, The Ice Cream Social and the Cheeseburger Museum.


Brief history of the Maccabees

The Knights of the Maccabees were a fraternal and benevolent “Legal reserve society.” Families of deceased members received benefits in the form of legal-reserve insurance. All white persons of sound health and good character, from birth to 70 years of age, were eligible for membership. Their name comes from the Biblical Maccabees. The order was founded in London, Ontario in 1878 and reorganized in 1883. Before 1914 it was known as the Knights of the Maccabees. Subsequent to 1914, it has been simply called “The Maccabees.”  At one time about one third of the membership was in Michigan.


YOUR 2018 Officers

Treasurer Sherry Hoelzle, Vice President Dave Vizard, President Joyce Miller, Secretary Carole Sherada.

If you wish to contact us

Email chscm@comcast.net
Website: www.casevillemuseum.org

Phone (989)856-9090
6733 Prospect St
P.O. Box 1973
Caseville, MI 48725

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